It is critical to take oral chemotherapy drugs according to the exact schedule that the doctor recommends.

The medication may be less effective if a person misses a pill, or be harmful if doses are taken too close together, or being taken with other drugs that can cause a drug-drug interaction.

Side effects

Most people who undergo chemotherapy experience side effects. Sometimes it's good to keep a log of all the side effects that they encounter and discuss them with the doctor or one of our pharmacists.

Health monitoring

Infections and other illnesses can be more dangerous when a person is receiving chemotherapy. An infection could also be a sign of an adverse reaction.

People having chemotherapy should monitor their body temperature and contact the doctor if signs of illness occur, such as fever or flu-like symptoms. 


Oral chemotherapy pills may require storage at specific temperatures. In these cases, the air conditioning or heating in the home must work well enough to control the temperature. It is vital not to keep pill bottles in the bathroom. Bathrooms can be very damp, which makes the medication break down more quickly. Keeping your medications is a cool setting is the safest way to store your medication. It is also essential to keep pill bottles secure and out of the reach of children.

Oral Chemotherapy