IG Therapy

Immunoglobulin (IgG) is the part of blood plasma that contains antibodies. People suffering from immunodeficiency diseases involving poor IgG levels and/or function often benefit from a medical treatment called immunoglobulin replacement therapy, also known as IVIg or SCIg.

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How IG Therapy Works?

For patients who are unable to produce their own antibodies, IG is used to temporarily provide these patients with the antibodies they need to ward off infection.


In patients with autoimmune diseases, or other conditions where the body's immune system is not functioning as it should, IVIG can help regulate an overactive immune system by signaling it to slow down or stop inflammatory processes. 


It has also been hypothesized that IG might redirect the out-of-control immune system from the body's tissues by serving as a target for the auto-antibodies.


IG has significantly improved the quality of life for many individuals.

Should I get regular infusions?

IG does not affect your immune system’s ability to produce immune globulins; it simply increases the antibody level within your body.


Antibodies whether those produced naturally by your body or those infused in the form of IG are eventually metabolized and eliminated by your body, usually in about 3-4 weeks.


Regular infusions are necessary to maintain immune globulin levels within the desired range.


Types of IG Therapy

Many factors affect the type of IG treatment that’s best for you.


These include:

The dose of IG you need

Your general health status and health history (such as    whether you have any other conditions that might        affect the form of treatment you have)

  • How often you need to have treatment

Intravenous (IV)



  • Infused directly into a vein in your hand or arm

  • Requires less frequent treatment sessions

  • Given by a trained nurse

  • Can be given either in your home, doctor's office, or at an infusion center 

Subcutaneous (SC) Infusion


• Infused through the fatty layer of skin in your abdomen, thigh, back, or upper arm 
• Might involve more frequent treatment sessions
• Given by a trained nurse in one of our infusion centers
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