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Medication Accessibility

In the event of a natural disaster or emergency:

In the event of an emergency or a natural disaster, we are always available to make sure we can meet your needs by:

  • Having a pharmacist on call 24 hours a day

  • Having the ability to process your prescription in the event one location is affected at our alternate location


Some of your maintenance prescriptions may have to be transferred to your local pharmacy​ for an easier and quicker turn around time depending on your distance from the pharmacy.

Transferring a prescription

In the event a prescription needs to be transferred to your local pharmacy, you can do so anytime by calling one of our pharmacies and one of our staff members will assist you with this process.

Drug Recalls

In the event of a drug recall our pharmacy is committed to making sure any and all patients are contacted and informed immediately with instructions on how to handle the recall. 

Female pharmacist with protective mask o

Kingwood Pharmacy (281) 312-8585

Woodlands Pharmacy

(281) 298-1129

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