Cancer Therapy

We carry the most advanced and current medications for many different types of cancers. For more information please contact Millennium pharmacy. 

Recently approved medications, including those with Limited Distribution on Oncology. Please view the list below

Our Pharmacy

  • Convenient availability of difficult-to-find drugs readily stocked

  • Next day delivery to patient’s home at no extra charge

  • Refill reminder calls to avoid running out of medication

  • Assistance with prior authorizations with approval within 24-72 hours

  • Accept Medicare Part B and Part D, Medicaid and many other insurances.

  • Expedite assistance with high copay out-of-pockets

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The Pharmacy’s goal is to provide access to quality pharmaceutical care to our patients and their family.



Millennium Pharmacy is here to treat with the highest level of care and compassion. We want to get our patients back living life to the fullest.

For more questions around Oncology please contact us.

Millennium Pharmacy

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Millennium Pharmacy


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